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1. Kinetics of Physical Processes in CO2 Lasers
2. Investigation of the possibility of designing a recombination gasdynamic O2 laser
3. Investigation of the Molecular Scattering of Light in a Sapphire Crystal
4. Elementary processes and the mechanism of populating the working levels in a continuous-wave ion argon laser
5. lnvestigation of a gasdynamic N2O laser
6. Kinetic model of formation of inverse populations in a carbon monoxide gas-discharge laser
7. Excitation of electron-vibrational-rotational levels of hydrogen molecules by electron impact in a nonequilibrium gas-discharge plasma
8. Spectrum of depolarized molecular light scattering near the critical solution stratification temperature
9. Nonequilibrium distribution of N2(C3Π) molecules over the rotational levels in a gas discharge
10. Broadening of spectral lines and distribution of the velocities of electron-excited molecules in a nonequilibrium plasma
11. Self-focusing of laser radiation in the course of the Freedericksz transition in the nematic phase of a liquid crystal
12. Undamped oscillations of NLC director in the field of an ordinary light wave
13. Nature of the aberration pattern formed as a result of self-focusing of a light beam caused by reorientation of the director in liquid crystals
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