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1. Giant Oscillations of Sound Absorption by Metals in the Case of Open Trajectories
2. Nonlinear Landau Damping of Sound Waves in Conductors
3. Nonlinear Effects Associated with the Propagation of Short Wavelength Sound in Conductors
4. Thermoelectric effects in superconductors
5. Nonlinear Damping of Short-wave Sound in a Conductor Located in a Magnetic Field
6. Attenuation of transverse sound in superconductors
Yu. M. Gal'perin
JETP, 1975, Vol. 40, No. 6, p. 1088
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7. Nonstationary acoustoelectric effects in propagation of transverse sound in superconductors
8. Nonlinear acoustic effects in superconductors
9. Acoustic breakdown in metals
10. Nonlinear electromagnetic absorption of short-wave sound in metals
11. Absorption of Rayleigh sound in normal metals and superconductors
12. Classical mesoscopics
13. Hall effect under hopping conduction conditions
14. Low-temperature noise in disordered systems in a wide temperature range
15. Light-reflection spectrum of a turbid medium. Role of interference effects
16. Nonlinear rf hopping conductivity of semiconductors in connection with spectral diffusion
17. Density of vibrational states in glasses
18. Interference contribution of the current correlator. The fluctuation spectrum
19. Quantum corrections to thermoelectric power of a nondegenerate electron gas
20. Quantum corrections to kinetic coefficients of pure conductors
21. Stability of the nonequilibrium states of a superconductor with a finite difference between the populations of the electron- and hole-like spectral branches
22. Nonlinear resonant absorption in glasses and spectral diffusion. Absorption by small particles
23. Thermoelectric power of a "dirty" conductor. The role of the quantum corrections
24. Nonlinear relaxation absorption of ultrasound in amorphous metals
25. High-frequency hopping conductivity of semiconductors: theory of nonlinear and quantum effects
26. Theory of nonlinear relaxation absorption of ultrasound and electromagnetic waves in dielectric glasses
27. Nonlinear interaction between a surface acoustic wave and electron beams
28. Nonlinear effects in the propagation of shortwave transverse sound in pure superconductors
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