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1. Exact Solution of the Problem of the Broadening of the Hydrogen Spectral Lines in the One-electron Theory
2. Determination of Magnetic Fields in a Plasma from the Contour of Hydrogen Spectral Lines
3. Amplitude Modulation and Non-adiabaticity in the Stark Broadening of Hydrogen Lines in a Plasma
4. Theory of Stark broadening of hydrogen lines in plasma
5. Optical and radiative collisions
6. Resonance of discrete states against the background of a continuous spectrum
7. Hydrogen line countour deformation induced in a plasma by a strong electromagnetic field
V.S. Lisitsa
JETP, 1975, Vol. 42, No. 1, p. 101
PDF (328.7K)

8. A nonlinear theory of broadening and a generalization of the Karplus-Schwinger formula
9. Two-level system with damping in a plasma
10. Term intersection in multiparticle interactions
V.S. Lisitsa
JETP, 1974, Vol. 38, No. 3, p. 435
PDF (178.2K)

11. Effect of reduced mass in Stark broadening of hydrogen lines
12. Charge transfer between hydrogen atoms and the nuclei of multicharged ions with allowance for the degeneracy of the final states
13. Electron bremsstrahlung in a dipole potential
14. Classical and quantum treatment of the Stark broadening of hydrogen lines
15. Resonance broadening in a strong light field
16. Redistribution function for resonance radiation in a hot dense plasma
17. Mixing of atomic states and the shape of ionic spectral lines in a plasma
18. Nonlinear interference effects and ion dynamics in the kinetic theory of Stark broadening of the spectral lines of multicharged ions in a dense plasma
19. Soft-photon emission in collisions in an external electromagnetic field
20. Radiative cascades between Rydberg atomic states
21. Nonlinear Landau-Zener effects in the absorption spectra of accelerated atoms
22. Quantum theory of Stark broadening of the lines of hydrogenlike ions
23. Brownian motion of atoms and ions and nonlinear effects in the absorption of light
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