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1. Interaction between Negative Pions and Helium Nuclei at 330 MEV Energy
2. Interaction between 630-Mev Protons and He4 Nuclei
3. Inelastic Interaction of Pions with Helium Nuclei at Approximately 300 Mev
4. Elastic Scattering of {\pi}^{\pm} Mesons by Helium Nuclei at 300 Mev
5. Estimate of the Muon Neutrino Mass
6. Measurement of the Total Muon Capture Probability in He3
7. Measurement of the Probability of the {\mu}^{-} + {\rm He}^{3} \longrightarrow {\rm He}^{3} + 
u Reaction. Final Results
8. Panofsky Ratio for He3 and the Mean-square Radius for the He^{3} \longrightarrowH3 Transition
9. Measurement of the Probability for the Reaction {\mu}^{-} + {\rm He}^{3} \to {\rm He}^{3}+ 
10. Observation of the Reaction {\mu}^{-} + {\rm He}^{3} {\rightarrow} {\rm He}^{3} + 
11. Study of Pion Capture by He3 I. Charge Exchange and Radiative Capture
12. A Study of Pion Capture by He2. II. Reactions Involving Nuclear Disintegration
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