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1. Beta-Emission From Polarized Nuclei
G.R. Khutsishvili
JETP, 1957, Vol. 5, No. 6, p. 1288
PDF (394.4K)

2. Polarization of Nuclei in Nonmetallic Ferromagnetic Substances
3. On the Nuclear Orientation Associated with a Saturated Forbidden Resonance and with Double Resonance
4. The Degree of Orientation of Nuclei
5. On the Angular Distribution of β-Radiation. II
6. Overhauser Effect in Nonmetals
G.R. Khutsishvili
JETP, 1958, Vol. 7, No. 6, p. 1136
PDF (271.1K)

7. Nuclear Magnetic Relaxation in Ionic Crystals
8. On the Form of the Beta-Decay Interaction
9. Polarization of the Nuclei of Ferromagnetic Atoms
10. Double Elastic Scattering of Deuterons in a Magnetic Field
11. On the Overhauser Effect in Nonmetals. II
12. Isotopic Invariance in Anti-Hyperon Processes
13. Magnetic Relaxation in Ferromagnetic Metals
14. Spin Diffusion, Magnetic Relaxation, and Dynamic Polarization of Nuclei
15. Spin Diffusion and Magnetic Relaxation of Nuclei
16. Saturation of an Inhomogeneously Broadened Magnetic Resonance Line
17. Effect of Phonon Heating in Nuclear Spin-lattice Relaxation
18. Role of Spectral Diffusion and Dipole-dipole Reservoir in the Saturation of an Inhomogeneously Broadened Line
19. Forbidden Transitions and Discrete Saturation in EPR Lines
20. Magnetic Relaxation of Nuclei in Crystals Containing Magnetic Impurities
21. Contribution to the Theory of Saturation of Exchange Narrowed Magnetic Resonance Lines
22. Forbidden Transitions and Discrete Saturation in EPR Lines. II
23. Discrete Saturation of the Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrum of U3+ in CaFa2
24. Quantum-statistical Theory of the Dynamical Polarization of Nuclei in the Case of Non-uniform ESR Line Broadening
25. Strong Saturation of Inhomogeneously Broadened Lines
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