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1. Dependence of the Magnetic Structure of a Cobalt Crystal on its Size
2. Magnetic Structure of Small Monocrystalline Particles of MnBi Alloy
3. Temperature Hysteresis of Domain Structure in Silicon Iron Crystals
4. Macroscopic Domains in High-coercivity Alloys with Single-domain Magnetic Structure
5. Angular Dependence of the Coercive Force in Magnetically Uniaxial Ferromagnetic Single Crystals
6. Ferromagnetic Resonance in Cobalt Single Crystals
7. Magnetization Processes and Domain Structure in Orthoferrite Monocrystals with Weak Ferromagnetism
8. Domain structure and magnetic properties of YFeO3 particles below the single-domain critical size
9. Magnetic properties of single-crystal powders of YFeO3
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