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1. Contribution to the Theory of the Molecular Generator
2. Polarization of a Beam of Molecules by an Alternating Field with Variable Amplitude and Phase
3. Interaction Between Waves in Stimulated Raman Scattering
4. On the Mechanism of Operation of a Raman Laser
5. Coherent Interaction Length of Light Waves in a Nonlinear Medium
6. Concerning One Possibility of Amplification of Light Waves
7. Theory of Simple Finite-Amplitude Magnetohydrodynamic Waves in a Dissipative Medium
8. The Threshold and Intensity of Stimulated Raman Radiation Lines in Liquids
9. Self-focusing and Self-trapping of Intense Light Beams in a Nonlinear Medium
10. Theory of Generation of Optical Harmonics in Converging Beams
11. Induced Raman Scattering in Strong Fields
12. Development of an Optical Waveguide in the Propagation of Light in a Nonlinear Medium
13. Control of Chemical Reactions by Resonance Photoactivation of Molecules
14. Self-focusing of Emission from a Continuous-wave Gas Laser
15. Temperature Scattering of Sound in a Solid
16. Creation of Population Inversion in Polyatomic Molecules through the Energy of Chemical Reactions
17. Theory of stimulated Raman scattering by rotational transitions
18. On the possibility of controlling surface phenomena by means of laser radiation
19. Narrowing of gamma resonance lines in crystals by continuous radio-frequency fields
20. Contribution to the theory of superluminescence in a dispersive medium with molecular relaxation
21. Collision-radiative processes and molecular lasers
22. Narrowing of γ-resonance lines in crystals by radio-frequency fields
23. Discontinuity of vibrational and translational temperatures in a system with fast-particle sources
24. Mechanisms of activation of heterogeneous reactions by laser radiation
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