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1. Some Properties of Rotating He II
2. Density of the Normal Component for Solutions of the Isotopes of Helium
3. Reply to the Letter by M. P. Mokhnatkin
4. The Use of a Superconducting Ring for Registering the Phase Transition in Liquid Helium
5. Film Transfer Rate in Helium Isotope Mixtures
6. Phase Diagram for the Liquid-Vapor System of Helium Isotopes (He3-He4). I.
7. Thermodynamics of the He I - He II Phase Transitions in Helium Isotope Mixtures
8. The Equilibrium Diagram for the He3-He4 Liquid-crystal System
9. Surface Tension of He3-He4 Solutions
10. Curves of the Commencement of Solidification of Helium Isotope Solutions
11. λ-Points of Concentrated He3 - He4 Mixtures
12. Measurement of the Liquid-Crystal Equilibrium Diagram for Helium-Isotope Solutions
13. Velocity of Fourth Sound in He3-He4 Solutions
14. Density of the Normal Component in Concentrated Helium Isotope Solutions
15. Velocity of First Sound in He3-He4 Solutions
16. Normal Component Density of He3-He4 Solutions at Temperatures down to 0.4^{\circ}K
17. Nuclear Relaxation in Liquid Solutions of Helium Isotopes
18. Propagation of Fourth Sound in Superfluid He3-He4 Solutions at Temperatures Down to 0.5^{\circ}K
19. Mobility of Positive Ions in He3-He4 Solutions
20. An Investigation of the Thermodynamic Properties of He3-He4 Solutions during the He I-He II Transition
21. Some Features of Charged Particle Motion in He3-He4 Solutions Located in Strong Electric Fields
22. Mobility of Positive and Negative Ions in He3-He4 Superfluied Solutions
23. Spin diffusion in solid He3-He4 solutions
24. Diffusion of He3 in bcc and hcp phases of solid solutions of helium isotopes
25. Absorption of first sound in concentrated superfluid He3-He4 solutions
26. Absorption of first sound in liquid He3
27. Quantum diffusion of He3 impuritons in solid He4
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