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1. A Paramagnetic Amplifier and Generator, Using Fe3+ Ions in Corundum
2. Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance of the Ti3+ Ion in Corundum
3. A Chromium Corundum Paramagnetic Amplifier and Generator
4. Fine Structure of Electron Paramagnetic Resonance of the Fe3+ Ions in the Al2O3 Lattice
5. Stimulated Emission of Nd3+ in CaF2 at Room Temperature
6. Electronic Paramagnetic Resonance of the Fe3+ Ion in Corundum
7. The Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time of the Ti3+ Ion in Corundum
8. Lifetime of the Excited State 4Fe_3/2 of the Nd^3+ Ion in CaF_2 and CaWO_4
9. SpectraI lnvestigation of the Stimulated Radiation of Nd3+ in CaF2
10. A Room-temperature Continuous CaWO4:Nd3+ Laser
11. EPR of Some Rare Earth Ions and Cr3+ in LiNbO3 Crystals
12. EPR of Nd3 Ions in Fluorite
13. Single Mode Ruby Ring Laser
14. Oscillation regimes in a rotating solid-state ring laser
15. Lasing dynamics of Raman fiber laser
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