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1. Quantum Landau Oscillations in MoO2 and WO2
2. The Fermi surface of MoO2 and WO2
3. The sign of current carriers in MoO2
V.M. Teplinskii
JETP, 1980, Vol. 51, No. 5, p. 995
PDF (226.6K)

4. Effect of pressure on the Fermi surfaces of the dioxides of molybdenum and tungsten
5. Anomalous superconducting response and nonactivating tunneling in high-resistance metastable states of GaSb
6. Metal-insulator transition in amorphization of Cd-Sb
7. Three components of the superconducting response in high-resistance metastable states of the alloy CdSb
8. Conduction mechanisms near the metal-insulator transition range
9. Electric resistance of a medium with a fractal structure
10. Anisotropy of the resistivity saturation in WO2
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