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1. Anomalous Skin Effect in Metals in an Inclined Magnetic Field
2. Zero Anomalies in the Resistance of a Tunnel Junction Containing Metallic Inclusions in the Oxide Layer
R.I. Shekhter
JETP, 1973, Vol. 36, No. 4, p. 747
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3. Kinetic phenomena and charge discreteness effects in granulated media
4. Kinetics of conduction electrons in multidomain ferromagnetic structure
5. Nonlinear electrical conductivity of a point-contact junction containing a planar defect
6. Inelastic resonant tunneling of electrons through a potential barrier
7. Transverse electron focusing spectroscopy of the electron-phonon interaction
8. Transport properties of conductors with electron-phonon interaction at resonance scattering centers
9. Current states and electron-phonon relaxation in point contacts in a magnetic field
10. Point-contact spectroscopy of electron-phonon coupling in metals with a small electron mean free path
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