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1. Change of Radiation Frequency in Resonance Flourescence
2. Elementary processes and the mechanism of populating the working levels in a continuous-wave ion argon laser
3. Probabilities of population of rotational levels by electron excitation of diatomic molecules
P.L. Rubin
JETP, 1974, Vol. 38, No. 4, p. 684
PDF (169K)

4. Excitation of electron-vibrational-rotational levels of hydrogen molecules by electron impact in a nonequilibrium gas-discharge plasma
5. The possibility of measurement of the intrinsic magnetic moment of a free electron
P.L. Rubin
JETP, 1978, Vol. 48, No. 2, p. 185
PDF (274K)

6. Rayleigh scattering in a dense spin-polarized gas
7. Contribution to the theory of critical fluctuations
P.L. Rubin
JETP, 1990, Vol. 70, No. 3, p. 500
PDF (188K)

8. Relaxation processes and propagation of ultrasound in nematic liquid crystals
P.L. Rubin
JETP, 1981, Vol. 54, No. 5, p. 931
PDF (179.2K)

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