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1. Interaction between 660-Mev Protons and Atomic Nuclei and the Nuclear Internal Momentum Distribution of Nucleons
2. Production of π+ Mesons in p-p Collisions at 480-660 Mev
3. Measurement of the Relative Nuclear Activity of π Mesons Near Their Place of Generation
4. Investigation of the {\pi}^{+} + d \rightarrow 2p Reaction for 174-307 Mev π+ Mesons
5. The Production of Charged Mesons by the Bombardment of Beryllium and Carbon with 660 MEV Protons
6. π+-Meson Energy Spectrum for pp → npπ+ Reaction at 556 and 657 MEV
7. Knockout of Deuterons from Li, Be, C, and O Nuclei by Protons of Energy 675 Mev
8. The Problem of Nucleon Structure
B.S. Neganov
JETP, 1958, Vol. 6, No. 1, p. 200
PDF (247.9K)

9. Dynamic Proton Polarization at 0.5^{\circ}K
10. Dynamic Polarization of Protons in a Rotating Lanthanum-magnesium Nitrate Crystal
11. Measurement of the polarization correlation coefficient Cnn of elastic pp scattering at energies of 550 and 630 MeV
12. Measurement of the polarization correlation coefficient Cppnn in elastic pp scattering at 610 MeV
13. Investigation of the energy dependence of the spin-spin correlation in the diproton-resonance region
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