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1. Some features of x-ray fluorescence in metals near the absorption threshold
2. An interference effect in x-ray fluorescence spectra
3. Theory of optically induced diffusion of gases
4. Diffusive suction and extrusion of atoms by a light field
5. Anomalous spectral dependence of the light-induced drift velocity
6. Field variation of the spectrum of light-induced drift of 7Li and 23Na atoms in heavy inert gases
7. Theory of dissipative solitons in the light-induced drift under conditions of nonmonochromatic excitation
8. On the possibility of self-excited oscillations in a gas due to light-induced drift
9. Nonlinear theory of particle drift in the field of resonant radiation
10. Sound vibration branches of a gas interacting resonantly with light
11. Macroscopic rotation of a gas by Iight
12. Light-induced particle drift in the presence of quasiresonance energy transfer
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