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1. Angle-Energy Distribution of Photoneutrons from Bi
2. Yields of Photoneutrons from Intermediate and Heavy Nuclei
3. Inelastic Scattering of Photons by Indium-115 Nuclei
4. Angular Distributions of Photofission Fragments from Uranium
5. The Average Number of Neutrons per Fission Event in the Photodisintegration of Uranium and Thorium
6. Neutron Spectrometry Based on the Measurement of the Decelerating Time of Neutrons
7. Delayed Neutrons Which Accompany Photofission of Uranium and Thorium
8. Cross Section for Gamma-ray Absorption by Carbon in the Giant Resonance Region
9. Inelastic Scattering of γ Rays on Ag107
10. Inelastic Scattering of Photons on Rh103 Nuclei
11. A Method for Investigating Optical Anisotropy and Surface Shape of Atomic Nuclei
12. Cross Section for Gamma-Ray Absorption by O16 in the Giant-Resonance Region
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