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1. Direct Interaction in Reactions with Emission of Two Nucleons
2. Angular Distributions of Alpha Particles from the Reaction C^{12}(p, p^{\prime}3\alpha)
3. Investigation of the Spectra of Neutrons Emitted in the Disintegration of Deuterons by Protons
4. Energy Distributions of Products of Reactions in which Several Particles are Emitted
5. Possibility of Application of the (n, 2n) Reaction in Nuclear Spectroscopy
6. Dissociation of C12 into Three Alpha Particles Induced by Fast Neutrons
7. The Effective Cross Section of the Be9(n, 2n) Reaction
8. On the Mechanism of Stripping in Reactions Involving the Capture of Two Nucleons
9. The Four Body Problem at Low Energies
10. Investigation of Nucleon Induced Deuteron Disintegration by the Diagram Summation Technique
11. Investigation of the C12(α, 4α) Reaction
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