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1. Gd146 and Eu146 Conversion-Electron Spectra
2. 0+-0+ Transition in the Decay Pr^{140} \rightarrow Ce140
3. The Gamma Spectrum of La140 in the Energy Range 2300-3900 kev
4. Alpha Decay of Pu241
5. High Energy Gamma Transitions in Ga72 Decay
6. Half-Lives of the Ground and Isomeric States of Lu174
7. Alpha Decay of Curium Isotopes
8. Radiations from Eu145, Eu146 and Eu147
9. Positron Annihilation in Sulphur, Selenium, and Silicon
10. On the 892.4-kev Gamma Transition in W182
11. α Decay of Ac225
12. Refinement of the Information on the O^{+} \longrightarrow O- Transition in Ce140
13. Alpha Decay of Pu239
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