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1. Construction of a Thermodynamically Complete Equation of State of a Nonideal Plasma by Means of Dynamic Experiments
2. Shock-wave production of a non-ideal plasma
3. Electric conductivity of a non-ideal plasma
4. Equation of State of a Nonideal Cesium Plasma
5. Thermodynamics of nonideal cesium plasma
6. Dynamic compression of non-ideal argon plasma
7. Electric conductivity of a high-temperature non-ideal plasma
8. Unloading isentropes and the equation of state of metals at high energy densities
9. Experimental investigation of phenylene and polystyrene under conditions of shock loading and isentropic expansion. Equations of state of plastics at high energy densities
10. Theoretical and experimental investigation of Z-pinch plasma as the source of a powerful pulse of soft x rays for the generation of shock waves in condensed targets
11. Radiation emitted by a shock-compressed high-pressure argon plasma
12. Experimental investigation of the thermodynamics of dense plasmas formed from metals at high energy concentrations
13. Effect of size of energy absorption zone on the characteristics of shock waves excited by a strong relativistic electron beam in a metallic target
14. Dynamics of shock waves excited by a high-current relativistic electron beam in aluminum targets
15. Electrical conductivity of adiabatically compressed alkali metal vapor
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