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1. Change in the Temperature of Antiferromagnetic Transformation of Manganese Telluride Under Pressure
N.P. Grazhdankina
JETP, 1958, Vol. 6, No. 6, p. 1178
PDF (223.2K)

2. X-ray Diffraction Study of the Thermal Expansion of Antiferromagnetic MnTe
3. The Effect of Pressure on the Electrical Resistance and Galvanomagnetic Effect in Chromium Telluride
4. Effect of Pressure on the Magnitude of the Threshold Field and Temperature of the Antiferromagnetic Transformation of MnAu2
5. Features of the Pressure Coefficient of the Electrical Resistance of Substances with Spin Ordering
6. Effect of the Antiferromagnetic-ferromagnetic Transition on the Galvanomagnetic Properties of Mn1.88Cr0.12Sb
7. Elastic Properties of Manganese Arsenide in the Magnetic Transformation Region
8. Effect of Pressure on Magnetic Transformations in Manganese Arsenide
9. The Effect of Hydrostatic Pressure on the Curie Temperature of Manganese Monophosphide
10. Effect of Pressure on the Electrical Resistance and the Antiferromagnetic Transition Temperature of Europium
11. Measurements of the Magnetization of CrTe1-xSbx Alloys in Strong Pulsed Magnetic Fields
12. Effect of high pressure and doping on the Curie temperature in chromium telluride
13. Effect of hydrostatic pressure on the magnetization of the alloy MnSb
14. Investigation of mictomagnetic MnBi alloys
15. Neutron diffraction studies of chromium telluride at high pressures
16. Magnetic properties of alloys MnSb and Mn1.11Sb after subjection to high pressures and temperatures
17. Thermal expansion and magnetic transformations of Mn1-xCrxSb alloys
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