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1. Magnetic and Resonance Properties of Yttrium Ferrite-Garnets with Replacement of Fe3+ Ions by Cr3+ and AI3+ Ions
2. Effect of Atomic Ordering on Exchange Interaction in the Fe3Pt Alloy
3. Magnetic Properties of Gadolinium Oxides
4. Hall Effect in Ferrites near the Curie Point
5. Features of Magnetic Hysteresis Phenomena in the Systems Pr2O3•Fe2O3 and La2O3•Fe2O3
6. Anomalies in Internal Friction and Modulus of Elasticity in Ferromagnetics near the Curie Point
7. Magnetostriction of Antiferromagnetic Nickel Monoxide
8. Electrical and Galvanomagnetic Properties of Lithium Ferrite-Chromite Near the Compensation Point
9. Single Crystals of Magnesium-Manganese Ferrites with Narrow Ferromagnetic Resonance Absorption Curve
10. Galvanomagnetic Properties of Ferromagnetics near Absolute Zero
11. Galvanomagnetic Properties of Manganese Ferrite
12. Shift of the Ferromagnetism-Antiferromagnetism Transition Point in Dysprosium under Hydrostatic Pressure
13. Galvanomagnetic Properties of Lithium Chromite Ferrite
14. Magnetic and Magnetoelastic Properties of Dysprosium and Gadolinium
15. Causes of Anomalous Broadening of Ferromagnetic Resonance Absorption Line in Ferrites near the Curie Point
K.P. Belov
JETP, 1961, Vol. 13, No. 2, p. 497
PDF (314K)

16. "Helical" Antiferromagnetism of Gadolinium
17. Effects of Helicoidal Magnetic Structure on the Magnetostriction of Dysprosium
18. Nature of Low-Temperature Magnetic Anomalies in Ferrites with Compensation Points
K.P. Belov
JETP, 1962, Vol. 14, No. 3, p. 499
PDF (394.1K)

19. Magnetostriction of Rare-earth Ferrite Garnets at Low Temperatures
20. Anisotropy of the Magnetic Properties of Gadolinium Near the Curie Point
21. The Magnetic Susceptibility of Rare-earth Orthoferrites in Strong Magnetic Fields
22. Magnetic Anisotropy of a Terbium Single Crystal
23. Effective Magnetic Fields at Tin Nuclei in Substituted Iron Garnets CaXY3-XSnXFe5-XO12
24. Magnetostriction of Rare-earth Metals in the Paramagnetic, Antiferromagnetic, and Ferromagnetic Ranges
25. Magnetostriction of a Gadolinium Single Crystal
26. On the Nature of the Magnetization Curves of a Single Crystal of Samarium Orthoferrite Near the Reorientation Temperature
27. Behavior of the Initial Susceptibility of the Para-process in Ferro- and Ferrimagnets Near the Curie Temperature
28. Magnetic and Magnetostriction Properties of an Erbium Single Crystal in the Paramagnetic Region
29. Effect of Uniaxial and Hydrostatic Pressures on the Spin-reorientation Temperature in Thulium Orthoferrite
30. Determination of Exchange Interaction of Sublattices in Gadolinium Iron-garnet on the Basis of the Magnetocaloric Effect
31. Critical Magnetic Isotherms of Substituted Iron Garnets
32. Magnetic Viscosity in Rare-earth Ferromagnets
33. The Paraprocess in Rare-earth Iron Garnets in the Curie-temperature Region
34. Reorientation of the Antiferromagnetic Vector of Some Rare-earth Orthoferrites in Strong Magnetic Fields
35. Investigation of "Sublattice" Magnetocaloric Effects in Substituted Gadolinium Iron Garnets
36. Magnetic Properties of Rare-earth Iron Garnets in the Curie-point Region
37. Theory of the Anomalies of Physical Properties of Ferrimagnets in the Vicinity of the Magnetic Compensation Point
38. Induced Noncollinear Magnetic Structure in Rare-earth Ferrite-garnets
39. Anomalies in the Temperature Dependence of the Modulus of Elasticity During the Spontaneous Reorientation of Spins in Rare-earth Orthoferrites
40. Exchange Interactions in Cobalt Garnets
41. Anisotropy of Magnetostriction in Thulium Orthoferrite
42. Magnetastriction of Rare Earth Iron Garnets in High Magnetic Fields
43. lnvestigation of magnetic properties of monocrystals of the uranium compounds U3P4 and U3As4 in strong fields
44. Magnetic properties of compounds of rare-earth metals with iron, of the type RFe3
45. Magnetic anisotropy of the uranium compounds UAsS and UAsSe
46. Observation of the magnetic compensation points in the spinel ferrites MnFe2-xCrxO4
47. Magnon component of the resistivity in single-crystal terbium-yttrium alloys
48. Energy band structure and anomalies of the photoconductivity, electrical resistivity, and magnetoresistance of chalcogenide compounds Cd1-xGaxCr2Se4
49. Influence of Doping with Copper on the Magnetic and Electrical Properties of the Chalcogenide Spinel CdCr2S4
50. Transitions Due to Spin Reorientation in a Ho0.5Dy0.5FeO3 Single Crystal
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