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1. A Method of Evaluating Electrical Conductivity
2. Remarks on the Theory of the Electron Plasma in Semiconductors
3. On the Exciton Mechanism for Capture of Current Carriers in Homopolar Semiconductors
4. The Fermi Distribution at Absolute Zero, Taking into Account the Interaction of Electrons with Zero Point Vibrations of the Lattice
5. On the Theory of Magnetic Susceptibility of Metals
6. The Theory of the Interaction of an Electron Gas with the Vibrations of the Crystalline Lattice
7. Spectral Representation of Green's Function in the Nonrelativistic Many-Body Problem
8. Statistics of Electrons and Holes in a Homopolar Semiconductor Taking into Account their Interaction with the Lattice Vibrations
9. Remarks on the Multiplicative Renormalization Group in the Quantum Theory of Fields
10. Discrete Levels in the Forbidden Band of a Disordered Semiconductor
11. Contribution to the Theory of Absorption of Low-frequency Electromagnetic Waves in Disordered Semiconductors
12. Formation of an electron-temperature superlattice in the presence of a constant electric field
13. The Bénard problem for hot electrons in semiconductors
14. Certain effects related to the appearance of a temperature superlattice in a semiconductor with hot electrons
15. Optical properties of a semiconductor with an electron temperature superlattice
16. Nonlinear theory of the electron temperature superlattice in semiconductors
17. Stochastic behavior in the equations of motion for the quasimomentum
18. Photoinduced nonequilibrium states of a two-temperature electron-hole plasma in a semiconductor
19. Stochastic self-oscillations of carrier density in a semiconductor with impurities
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