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1. Temperature Dependence of the Paramagnetic Susceptibility of Nickel-Zinc Ferrites
2. Magnetic Properties of Lutecium
3. Magnetic Propertiss of Single-crystal and Polycrystalline Yttrium
4. Some Magnetic Properties of a Gadolinium Single Crystal
5. The Magnetic Properties of Scandium
6. Antiferromagnetic Properties of Cobaltous Oxide
7. Antiferromagnetism of Iron-Nickel Alloys
8. Magnetic Properties of Gadolinium-terbium and Gadolinium-erbium Alloys
9. Magnetic Properties of Single-crystal and Polycrystalline Praseodymium Diselenide PrSe2
10. Magnetic Properties of Uranium Selenides and Sulfides
11. Antiferromagnetism of Uranium and Thorium Phosphides
12. The Electronic Structure of Sc and the Mechanism of the Knight Shift in ScAl2 and ScAl3
13. The Magnetic Properties of Uranium Tellurides
14. Magnetic Properties of USb2-TbSb2 Solid Solutions
15. Magnetic Properties of US-ThS Alloys
16. The AI27 Knight shift and magnetic properties of Fe, Co, and Ni monoaluminides
17. Magnetic properties of certain terbium alloys with CsCl structure
18. Magnetic, resonant, and optical properties of the amorphous magnet Bi2Fe4O9
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