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1. On the Relativistic Relation between Polarization and Asymmetry
2. Minami Transformation for Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering
3. Unitarity Relationships for Elastic Collisions of Particles with Arbitrary Spins
4. Phase Indeterminacies in Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering
5. Method for Determining Hyperon Polarization in the Reaction \pi + p \rightarrow Y + K
6. On Finding the Matrix of the a + a^{\prime} \rightarrow b + b^{\prime} Reaction
7. Asymptotic Relations Between Polarizations in Crossed Reactions
8. Relation of Total Cross Sections for 1/2 + 1/2 {\longrightarrow} 0 + 0 Reactions to the Intrinsic Parties of the Particles
9. Determination of the K^{\ast}-meson Spin
10. Emission of Low Energy γ Quanta by Electrons Scattered on Protons
11. Production of Slow π Mesons in Pion-nucleon and Nucleon-nucleon Collisions
12. Double NN Scattering with a Polalized Beam and a Polarized Target
13. Relativistic Reconstruction of the N-N Scattering Matrix
14. Some parity-nonconservation effects in emission by hydrogenlike atoms
15. Parity nonconservatlon and photovoltaic effects in gases and semiconductors
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