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1. Magneto-Optical Resonance in Nickel at Infrared Frequencies
2. The Problem of Determining the Dielectric Permittivity and Magnetic Permeability Tensors of a Medium
3. Farady Effect in Ittrium Garnet at Infrared Frequencies
4. Magneto-Optical Properties of Garnet Ferrites in the Infrared Region
5. Exchange Interaction and Magneto-Optical Effects in Ferrite Garnets
6. Experimental Investigation of the Electron Structure of Nickel by the Magneto-optical Method
7. Magnetization of a Ferromagnetic Metal by the Magnetic Field of Light Waves
8. Investigation of the Magnetic Structure of Ferromagnetic Substances by a Magnetooptical Apparatus with Micron Resolution
9. Orientation Magneto-optic Effect in Nickel and Ferrosilicon Monocrystals
10. Investigation of Interband Transitions in Ferromagnetic Metals and Alloys by the Magneto-optical Method
11. Magneto-optical Properties of Ni, Co, and Fe in the Ultraviolet Visible, and Infrared Parts of the Spectrum
12. The Effect of a Magnetic Field on the Faraday Effect in Iron Garnets
13. Effect of Magnetic Field on the Faraday Effect in Erbium, Terbium, and Holmium Iron Garnets
14. Oscillatory effect of a magnetic field on the rate of a chemical reaction
15. Magneto-optic investigation of magnetic structures under micron resolution conditions
16. Surface magnetism of hematite
17. Quadratic magnetooptical reflection effects in ferromagnets
18. Anomalous magnetooptical properties of bismuth-containing iron garnets
19. Magneto-optic intensity effects in ferromagnetic metals and insulators
20. Faraday effect in terbium-ytterbium iron garnets in strong magnetic fields
21. Magneto-optical spectra of 3d ions in spinel ferrites and weak ferromagnets
22. Magnetic Iinear birefringence of light and dichroism in the region of the absorption band of the rare-earth ion in europium iron garnet
23. Anisotropy of the magneto-optical properties of cobalt single crystals
24. The permittivity tensor and increase in the transmittance of the spinel ferrites upon their conversion into single-sublattice structures
25. Mutual transformations and annihilation of the microstructural elements in 180-degree domain wall of iron
26. Quadratic magnetooptic effects in orthoferrites
27. The effect of a magnetic field on the near-surface substructure of domain walls in single-crystal iron
28. Structure of domain walls in the surface layer of iron single crystals
29. Surface magnetism of iron borate
30. Magnetooptic properties of rare-earth orthoferrites in the region of spin reorientation transitions
31. Magneto-optical effects in nickel and Permalloy associated with frustrated total internal reflection
32. Magneto-optical properties of hematite
33. Features of optical anisotropy of europium iron garnet
34. Surface anisotropy and helicoidal magnetic structure on the basal faces of hematite
35. Temperature-independent Faraday effect in rare-earth iron garnets
36. Surface structure and relaxation of domain walls in yttrium orthoferrite and in a bismuth-containing garnet
37. Faraday effect of rare-earth iron garnets in strong magnetic fields
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