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1. Investigation of Attenuation of Hypersound in Liquids by an Optical Method
2. Intensity and Width of the Fine Structure Components of Scattered Light in Liquids and the Attenuation of Hypersound
3. Determination of the Velocity and Absorption of Hypersound in Viscous Liquids on the Basis of Scattered Light Spectra
4. Measurement of the Amplification Coefficient of Stimulated Light Scattering of the Rayleigh Line Wing
5. Stimulated Entropy (Temperature) Scattering and its Effect on Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin Scattering
6. Stimulated Scattering and Spectral Broadening of a High-power Laser Pulse in Gases
7. Certain Problems in the Theory of the Stimulated Molecular Scattering of Light
V.S. Starunov
JETP, 1970, Vol. 30, No. 3, p. 553
PDF (1008.9K)

8. Fine structure of the Rayleigh line wing and the propagation of transverse hypersound in liquids
9. Spectrum of depolarized molecular light scattering near the critical solution stratification temperature
10. Generation of picosecond pulses of stimulated Raman scattering of light in an external cavity
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