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1. Ionization along the Tracks of High-Energy Electron-Positron Pairs
2. Monte Carlo Calculations of Electromagnetic Cascades with Account of the Influence of the Medium on Bremsstrahlung
3. Multiple Electron Production in a High Energy Electron-Photon Shower
4. Influence of the Medium Density on Bremsstrahlung in Electron-Photon Showers in the Energy Range 1011 - 1013 ev
5. Disintegration of Beryllium and Carbon Nuclei as a Result of π--Meson Capture
6. Energy Spectrum of π--Mesons Produced by Cosmic Rays in Photographic Emulsions
7. Search for the D+ Meson
8. Induced Scattering of Light by Light
9. Collective Radiative Processes Involving Unlike Atoms
10. Induced Splitting of Photons in an Electromagnetic Field
11. Coherent Effects in Spontaneous Emission by Unlike Atoms
12. Nonlinear processes in a system of resonantly interacting atoms
13. Effect of the medium on the bremsstrahlung of an electron in the optical frequency range
14. Spectral and angular distribution af bremsstrahlung produced by high energy electrons in a dense medium
15. Enhancement of free-electron-laser gain by means of an external laser
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