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1. The Landau Correction Coefficient in the Determination of the Viscosity of a Liquid
G.A. Gamtsemlidze
JETP, 1960, Vol. 10, No. 3, p. 609
PDF (268K)

2. On the Critical Mode in Experiments with an Oscillating Disk in Helium II
3. On the Existence of a Tangential Velocity Discontinuity in the Superfluid Component of Helium near a Wall
4. Investigation of the Nature of Oscillations of Helium II Close to the Surface of a Vibrating Disk, Using a Resonance Method
5. Disintegration of Onsager-Feynman Vortices and Collectivization of Vortex Oscillations
6. Determination of the Slip Coefficient of Vortices in Rotating Helium II
7. Temperature dependence of the density distribution of the superfluid component of helium II in pores
8. Thermomechanical circulation effect in superfluid helium-II
9. Experimental investigation of the phase transition to the superfluid state in helium located in narrow pores
10. An experimental investigation of the thermomechanical circulation effect in the subcrltical flow regime of Hell
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