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1. The Contribution of Collective Motion to the Lifting of l-Forbiddenness
2. Investigation of Power Resonances of a Ring Laser with a Nonlinearly Absorbing Cell
3. Synchronization of Gallium Arsenide Laser Light Pulses
4. Investigation of Injection Lasers with Inhomogeneous Excitation
5. Ring Laser with a Nonlinear Absorbing Cell
6. Investigation of Narrow Resonances within the Doppler Line of the Rotational-vibrational Transitions of the SF6 Molecule During Absorption Saturation
7. Orienting effect of an electric field on nematic liquid crystals
8. Spectroscopy within the radiative linewidth
9. Maximum resolving power of laser spectroscopy with use of frequency resonances
10. Suppression of mode interaction in gas lasers
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