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1. Nature of the anomalous magnetic properties of yttrium ferrite chromites
2. NMR investigation of the anisotropy of hyperfine interactions of orthoferrites
3. Exchange-relativistic double-ion spin anisotropy: Tensor form, temperature dependence, and numerical value
4. Absorption spectra of CuO single crystals near the absorption edge and the nature of the optical gap in copper oxides
5. Characteristic features of the electronic structure of copper oxide (CuO): Initiation of the polar configuration phase and middle-IR optical absorption
6. Spin reorientation in ErFeO3 under uniaxial compression: An NMR study
7. Quadratic magnetooptic effects in orthoferrites
8. Anisotropry of the Faraday effect in the weak ferromagnet YFeO3
9. Induced hyperfine interactions at the nuclei of the O2- ions in ferrite spinels
10. Experimental observation of the Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya electron-nuclear interaction by the electron-nuclear double resonance method
11. NMR investigation of spin flip in TmCrO3
12. Dzyaloshinskii-Morii electron-nuclear interaction in orthoferrites
A.S. Moskvin
JETP, 1986, Vol. 63, No. 5, p. 1015
PDF (110.8K)

13. Linear magnetostriction and antiferromagnetic domain structure in dysprosium orthoferrite
14. Nature of magnetic anisotropy and magnetostriction of orthoferrites and orthochromites
15. Spin-flip and nuclear quadrupole Interactions In the rare-earth orthochromltes GdCr03
16. Features of f-d exchange in weak ferrimagnets
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