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1. The theory of quantum processes in the field of a strong electromagnetic wave
2. Radiative effects near cyclotron resonance
3. Nuclear-structure corrections to the deuterium hyperfine structure and Lamb shift
4. Effect of finite nuclear size on vacuum polarization in heavy atoms
5. Large relativistic corrections to the positronium decay probability
6. The semiclassical Green's function and Delbrück scattering in a screened Coulomb field
7. Order α4(m/M)Rinfty corrections to hydrogen P levels
8. Production of a positron and a bound electron by a high-energy photon in a strong Coulomb field
9. Vacuum polarization and nuclear multlpole moments
10. Photon splitting in a strong electromagnetic field
11. Coherent scattering of high-energy photons In a Coulomb field
12. Density of induced charge in a strong Coulomb field
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