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1. On the Mechanism of the Leptonic Decay of Hyperons
V.V. Turovtsev
JETP, 1959, Vol. 9, No. 4, p. 940
PDF (268.4K)

2. Optical Model for the Interaction of Neutrons of Intermediate Energy with Nuclei
3. Optical Model of the Nucleus with a Polynomial Potential
4. Hyperfine interaction for 160Tb in gadolinium
5. Effective fields at diamagnetic impurities in rare-earth metals
6. Magnetic hyperfine interaction for Co impurity atoms in a PdAu matrix
7. Molecular-field distribution and local magnetization in a dilute alloy of palladium cobalt and iron
8. Integral equations for resonance and virtual states
9. An Investigation of the dilute alloy Pd(Fe,Co) by the MOssbauer effect on oriented nuclei: Relaxation and spin glass
10. Magnetic hyperfine interaction and nuclear spin-lattice relaxation for 89Ym in ZrFe2
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