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1. Cooper pairing in the Emery model
2. Effect of magnetic and nonmagnetic impurities of the carrier binding energy in Cu-O clusters
3. Pairwise correlations in large two-dimensional Cu-O clusters: a new nonlocal path integral Monte Carlo algorithm
4. Size-dependence of the electronic properties of two-dimensional Cu-O clusters: new Monte Carlo trajectory algorithm
5. Effect of Anderson disorder on the correlation functions and binding energy of excess carriers in a Cu4O8 cluster
6. The effect of pressure on the optical gap of high-temperature superconductors
7. Electron or hole binding energy in Cu-O clusters: exact diagonalization of the Emery Hamiltonian
8. Creation of excess quasiparticles and nonequilibrium phase transition induced in superconductors by charged particles
9. Phonon pumping of superconductors
10. Stability of inhomogeneous states in nonequilibrium superconductors
11. Effect of electron-electron collisions on the phase transition and kinetics of nonequilibrium superconductors
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