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1. Forces acting on vortices moving in a pure type II superconductor
2. Phase transitions in an adsorbed monolayer
3. Weak-photon-localization effects in nonlinear optical phenomena
4. Weak-localization theory: role of higher derivatives in the nonlinear sigma-model
5. Current relaxation and mesoscopic fluctuations in disordered conductors
6. Statistics of mesoscopic fluctuations and instability of one-parameter scaling
7. Classical diffusion in media with weak disorder
8. Diffraction of the surface polaritons by an impedance step in the region of resonance with oscillations in a transition layer
9. Substrate-induced delocalization of electrons in a two-dimensional disordered system
10. Resonance effects in the spectra of transformation of electromagnetic waves at the interface lines of surfaces with spatial dispersion
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