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1. Measurement of the Electron Mean Free Path in Potassium by Means of the Radio Frequency Size Effect
2. Radio-frequency size effects in tin cylinders
V.S. Tsoi
JETP, 1973, Vol. 37, No. 6, p. 1078
PDF (239K)

3. lnvestigation of the interaction between electrons and a boundary by means of transverse focusing
V.S. Tsoi
JETP, 1975, Vol. 41, No. 5, p. 927
PDF (249.5K)

4. Angular dependence of the coefficient of specular reflection of bismuth electron from the binary plane
V.S. Tsoi, N.P. Tsoi
JETP, 1977, Vol. 46, No. 1, p. 150
PDF (324.5K)

5. Investigation of the reflection of conduction electrons from the surface of a tungsten sample
6. Investigation of intervalley scattering processes and of the surface structure with the aid of transverse focusing of electrons
7. Electron-induced ordering of the surface structure of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox
V.S. Tsoi
JETP, 1993, Vol. 76, No. 5, p. 880
PDF (321.9K)

8. Study of hole kinetics in bismuth by means of transverse electron focusing
9. Transverse electron focusing as a method for investigating the Andreev reflection
10. Screening of irregularities on a bismuth surface by the electron pair potential
11. STM images of real (100) and (110) surfaces of tungsten and character of reflection of conduction electrons
12. Resonant inelastic diffraction of low energy electrons
13. Anomalous penetration of electric field of a point contact into a metal located in a magnetic field
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