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1. Measurements of the Spin-Lattice Relaxation Times of Cr3+ in Corundum
2. Measurement of the Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time in Compounds with Strong Covalent Bonding
3. The Spin-Lattice Relaxation Time of the Ti3+ Ion in Corundum
4. Study of the "Spark" Produced in Air by Focused Laser Radiation
5. Investigation of the Spark Discharge Produced in Air by Focusing Laser Radiation. II.
6. High-temperature High-density Plasma from a Special Gas Target Heated by a Laser
7. Structure of a Spark Produced by a Picosecond Laser Pulse Focused in a Gas
8. Investigation of the Air "Spark" Produced by Focused Laser Radiation. III
9. Production of a High Temperature Deuterium Plasma by Lases Heating of a Special Gas Target
10. Investigation of Breakdown in Argon and Helium Produced by a Picosecond Ruby Laser Light Pulse
11. Use of Picosecond Ruby Laser Pulses in the Measurement of the Decay Time of the Luminescence Band of the First Phonon Replica of the A-type Exciton in CdS
12. Radiation pressure on charged particles in stimulated inverse bremsstrahlung
13. Investigation of nonlinear-absorption anisotropy in YAG:Cr4+
14. Bleaching of the F-2 color centers in an LiF crystal due to two-photon absorption from the excited state
15. Nonlinear structures in nonequilibrium systems and the algebra of attractors
16. Water and ethanol as bleachable radiation absorbers in an yttrium-erbium-aluminum garnet laser (\lamda = 2.94 μ m)
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