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1. Perturbation Theory for Weakly Bound States
2. Mixing of degenerate states of an excited hydrogen atom in long-range collisions with a charged particle
3. Transitions between the degenerate states of an excited hydrogenlike ion during distant collisions with a charged particle
4. Scattering of electrons by long linear molecules. The effect of approximate translational symmetry
5. Transitions from a discrete level to the continuous spectrum upon adiabatic variation of the potential
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1976, Vol. 43, No. 3, p. 453
PDF (325.4K)

6. Passage of low-energy particles through a nonstationary potential barrier and the quasi-energy spectrum
7. Adiabatic invariants and the problem of quasiclassical quantization of many-dimensional systems
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1978, Vol. 48, No. 4, p. 635
PDF (284.6K)

8. Classical approximation for the ionization of a negative ion by electron impact near the threshold
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1977, Vol. 45, No. 6, p. 1089
PDF (214.8K)

9. Classical approximation for selective transitions in fast collisions of an atom with a charged particle
10. A classical representation for the one-dimensional Schrödinger equation
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1993, Vol. 76, No. 6, p. 934
PDF (204.8K)

11. Quasistationary and virtual states in the problem of two Coulomb centers. The electron energy spectrum
12. Modification of molecular Rydberg states by superpromotion of the diabatic term to the continuous spectrum
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1986, Vol. 63, No. 4, p. 678
PDF (198.5K)

13. Theory of nonadiabatic transitions in a system of three charged particles
14. Quasiclassical perturbation theory for the helium atom and heliumlike ions
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1985, Vol. 62, No. 6, p. 1148
PDF (298K)

15. Ionization of a hydrogen-like atom by slow ions
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1981, Vol. 54, No. 5, p. 893
PDF (303.6K)

16. The Stark effect for the hydrogen atom in a magnetic field
17. Second-order perturbation theory for a hydrogen atom In crossed electric and magnetic fields
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1983, Vol. 58, No. 1, p. 63
PDF (166K)

18. The hydrogen atom in a weak magnetic field
E.A. Solov'ev
JETP, 1982, Vol. 55, No. 6, p. 1017
PDF (343.5K)

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