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1. Limiting Parameters of Ultra-short Pulses Emitted by a Laser with Resonance Loss Modulation
2. Stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin and Stimulated Entropy Backscattering of Light Pulses
3. Reversal of wave front in four-photon processes under conditions of two-quantum resonance
4. Nonlinear selection of optical radiation on reflection from a stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering mirror
5. Phase conjugation of single photons
6. New possibilities of generation of pump-conjugate beams by stimulated scattering of opposed light waves
7. Nonstationary stimulated Mandel'shtam-Brillouin scattering of focused light beams under saturation conditions
8. Raman interaction in the field of opposing light waves
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