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1. Asymptotic Behavior of the Fluctuations of Intensity of a Plane Light Wave Propagating in a Turbulent Medium
V.I. Klyatskin
JETP, 1971, Vol. 33, No. 4, p. 703
PDF (349.4K)

2. Strong Fluctuations of a Plane Light Wave Moving in a Medium with Weak Random Inhomogeneities
3. The Parabolic Equation Approximation for Propagation of Waves in a Medium with Random Inhomogeneities
4. Applicability of the Approximation of a Markov Random Process in Problems Relating to the Propagation of Light in a Medium with Random Inhomogeneities
V.I. Klyatskin
JETP, 1970, Vol. 30, No. 3, p. 520
PDF (483.2K)

5. On the statistical theory of reflection of light in randomly inhomogeneous media
6. Strong fluctuations of the intensity of electromagnetic waves in randomly inhomogeneous media
7. Theory of wave propagation in nonlinear inhomogeneous media
8. Fluctuations of passive scalar concentration with nonzero mean gradient in random velocity fields
9. Numerical modeling of wave propagation in periodic media
10. Reflection coefficient in the one-dimensional problem of self-action of a wave
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