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1. Mass of the Isotope Pu239
2. Isotopic Masses and Binding Energies of Nuclei for Masses between 186 and 196
3. Nuclear Binding Energies in the Region of the 82 Proton and 126 Neutron Magic Numbers
4. Skin Effect in a High Frequency Ring Discharge
5. Mass of the Pu240 Isotope
6. Isotope Masses and Binding Energy of Nuclei in the Region From Strontium to Ruthenium
7. Plasma Instability in a Toroidal Discharge Excited by a Traveling Electromagnetic Wave
8. Investigation of Diffusion of a Dense Decaying Plasma in a Stellarator
9. Collisionless Drift Instability in a High-frequency Electric Field
10. Resonance Phenomena in an Alkali Plasma Situated in an Alternating Electric Field
11. Investigation of the Mechanism of Heating of the Plasma Electron Component Under Two-stream Instability Conditions in A Mirror Trap
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