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1. Investigation of the Initial Stages of Plastic Deformation of Rock Salt Crystals
2. Slipping of Beryllium Single Crystals at Low Temperatures. III
3. Growth and Dissolution of Pores in Crystals
4. Low-temperature Recrystallization of Microcrystals of Tungsten
5. Determination of the Phenomenological Dislocation Theory Parameters for Elastic Twins in Calcite
6. Radiation Sputtering of Single-crystal and Polycrystalline Copper in the Radiation Field of a Nuclear Reactor
7. A Study of the Structure of the Boundaries of Grains in Tungsten Ion with Field-emisssion Microscope
8. A Field-emission Ion Microscope Investigation of Tungsten Irradiated with 240 MeV Electrons
9. Experimental investigation of the transition sound radiation emitted by dislocations emerging to the surface
10. Field Ion Microscopic Study of the Microstructure of Superconducting Deformable Niobium Alloy
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