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1. Quadrupole Effects in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in NaNO3 - AgNO3 Mixed Crystals
2. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Plastically Deformed Rock Salt
3. Second-order Quadrupole Effects in Sodium Nitrate
V.V. Lemanov
JETP, 1961, Vol. 12, No. 2, p. 187
PDF (144.7K)

4. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance in Elastically Deformed Rock Salt
V.V. Lemanov
JETP, 1961, Vol. 13, No. 3, p. 543
PDF (429.2K)

5. Local Distortions of a Crystal Lattice by Impurity Ions
6. Deformation of the NaCl Lattice by Ag+, Br-, and K+ Impurity Ions
7. Natural Magnetoelastic Resonance in Iron Garnets
8. Interaction between Elastic and Spin Waves in Yttrium Iron Garnet Crystals
9. Elastic and photoelastic properties of gadolinium molybdate crystals near a phase transition
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