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1. Deformation Cooling
2. The Opto-acoustic Maser Effect
3. Quadrupole and Nuclear Spin Interaction Via the Qptical Phonon Virtual Field
V.R. Nagibarov
JETP, 1966, Vol. 22, No. 6, p. 1255
PDF (484.9K)

4. Continuous Generation of a Gravitation Beam
5. Acoustic Excitation of a Superradiative Electromagnetic State in Matter
6. Exchange-phonon Mechanism of Energy Migration in Solids
7. Stimulated Coherent Processes
8. Phonon Induction and Echo
9. Intertial Quadrupole Spin-lattice Relaxation and Acoustic Magnetic Resonance
10. Superradiation of a Boson Avalanche
11. Relativistic effects in superradiance processes
12. Theory of Radiation from a System of Weakly Interacting Particles
13. Spontaneous coherent responses of many-level systems undergoing a phase transition of the super-radiative type
14. Quantum theory of self-induced transparency
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