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1. An Investigation of π+ - μ+ - e+ Decay with the Aid of a Propane Bubble Chamber and Scintillation Counters
2. Total Cross Sections of Positive π-Mesons on Hydrogen
3. Scattering of π+-Mesons by Hydrogen. II. Discussion and Interpretation of the Results
4. Interaction of π--Mesons with Lead, Copper, Oxygen and Beryllium Nuclei
5. The Scattering of π+-Mesons on Hydrogen. I. Angular Distributions at Energies of 176, 200, 240, 270 and 307 MEV
6. Energy Dependence of μ+ - e+ Decay Asymmetry
7. Transfer of a Negative Muon from a Proton to Carbon
8. Charged Particles from the Capture of Negative Muons by the Nuclei 28Si, 32S, 40Ca and 64Cu
9. Detection of an acoustic signal from the muon flux in the U-70 neutrino channel
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