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1. Energy Spectrum of γ-Quanta from the Decay of π0-Mesons Produced by 660 Mev Protons on Hydrogen Nuclei
2. Absorption of γ-Quanta of 500 mev Mean Energy in Lead, Copper and Aluminum
3. Investigation of the Excitation Functions for the Reactions C12(p,pn)C11, Al27(p,3pn)Na24 and Al27(p,3p,3n)Na22 in the 150-660 mev Energy Range
4. π0 Meson Production in p-p and p-n Collisions in the 390-660 Mev Energy Region
5. Investigation of the Energy and Angle Distribution of Neutral Pions Produced by 470 and 660 Mev Protons in Carbon
6. Experimental Comparison of the Energy Spectra of γ-Quanta from the Decay of π0-Mesons formed on Carbon and Lead Nuclei by 600 Mev Protons
7. Measurement of the Mass of 660 Mev Protons
8. The Energy Spectrum of γ-Quanta from Decaying π0-Mesons
A.A. Tiapkin
JETP, 1956, Vol. 3, No. 6, p. 979
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9. Production of Neutral π-Mesons in Various Nuceli by 260-660 Mev Protons
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