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1. The Influence of Pressure on the Magnetic Properties of Zinc Single Crystals at Low Temperatures
2. Effect of Uniaxial Elastic Deformations on the Magnetic Properties of Zinc Crystals at Low Temperatures
3. Magnetic Properties of Metals at Low Temperatures. IV. Influence of Homogeneous Compression on the De Haas-Van Alphen Effect in Zinc Crystals
4. The Magnetic Properties of Beryllium in the Temperature Range 300 to 4,2^{\circ}K
5. Experimental Observation of the Tunnel Effect for Cooper Pairs with the Emission of Photons
6. Experimental Observation of Cooper Pair Tunneling Between Thin Layers of Superconducting Tin
7. Investigation of the High-frequency Josephson Current
8. Quantization of Magnetic Fluxes in Simply Connected Superconducting Cylinders
9. A Superconducting Interferometer with Resistive Point Contacts
10. Critical Temperature of Superconducting Transition of Thin Tin Films
11. Effect of injection of helium atoms on the superconducting properties of indium films
12. Effect of an Electromagnetic Field on Point Josephson Junctions Under Strong Fluctuation Conditions
13. Critical phenomena in thin superconducting films
14. Critical fields of V/Si superlattices
15. Superconducting properties, conductivity, and structure of granular metalinsulator films
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