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1. Orbital Quantum Number Distribution of Highly Excited Atoms Produced in Collisions Between Heavy Particles
2. Statistical Theory of the Polarizability of Atoms and lons
3. Electron Temperature of a Plasma Scattering Intense Light Beams
4. Role of Inner Shells in Charge-exchange between Protons and Multielectron Atoms
5. Frequency of inelastic collisions in plasma
6. On the Drude formula for semiconductors
A.V. Vinogradov
JETP, 1976, Vol. 43, No. 3, p. 521
PDF (308.5K)

7. Second-harmonic Generation in an Inhomogeneous Laser Plasma
8. The Problem of Laser Radiation Sources in the Far Ultraviolet and X-ray Regions
9. Effect of collisions on the intensities of the dielectron satellites of resonance lines of hydrogenlike ions
10. Resonant photoabsorption and polarizability of inhomogeneous dielectric particles
11. Plasma approach to the theory of photoabsorption and polarizability of complex atoms
12. X-ray scattering by highly polished surfaces
13. Phenomenon of total external reflection of x rays
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