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1. Nonlinear interference effects in Stark broadening of ion lines in a dense plasma
2. Gain of a CO2-N2-He atmospheric-pressure gas mixture excited by a quasistationary non-self-sustaining discharge
3. Non-self-sustaining stationary gas discharge induced by electron-beam ionization in N2-CO2 mixtures at atmosphereic pressure
4. Transport of resonance radiation in dense, dispersive media
5. Soft-x-ray induced fluorescence of gas mixtures
6. Nonlinear interference effects and ion dynamics in the kinetic theory of Stark broadening of the spectral lines of multicharged ions in a dense plasma
7. Does the probability for spontaneous emission depend on the density and the temperature?
8. Profile of the Lα line of hydrogen-like ions in a dense plasma with allowance for the fine structure and the Lamb shift
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