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1. Dynamic Compression of Porous Metals and the Equation of State with Variable Specific Heat at High Temperatures
2. Experimental Determination of Temperature in Shock-compressed NaCl and KCl and of their Melting Curves at Pressures up to 700 kbar
3. Investigation of the Compressibility of Five Ionic Compounds at Pressures up to 5 Mbar
4. Melting at Ultra High Pressures in a Shock Wave
V.D. Urlin
JETP, 1966, Vol. 22, No. 2, p. 341
PDF (663.8K)

5. Nonequilibrium Radiation from Shock Compressed Ionic Crystals at T > 1 e V. II
6. Dependence of threshold for air breakdown by a focused laser beam on the geometry of the focal region
7. Equation of state of the molecular phase of hydrogen in the solid and liquid states at high pressure
8. Equation of state of molecular hydrogen. Phase transition into the metallic state
9. Quasi-isentropic compression of liquid argon at pressures up to 600 kbar
10. Shock compression and brightness temperature of a shock wave front in argon. Electron screening of radiation
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