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1. Types of vortex solutions in superfluid He3
V.R. Chechetkin
JETP, 1976, Vol. 44, No. 4, p. 766
PDF (372.7K)

2. The role of drag effects in pure superconductors
3. Kinetic properties of the B phase of superfluid He3
4. Kinetic properties of solutions of He4 in liquid He3
5. Rate of penetration of a magnetic flux into type-ll superconductors
6. The electronic thermal conductivity of clean superconductors
7. Stationary weakly turbulent distributions in a spin-wave system
8. Criteria for disorder in aperiodic sequences
9. Effects of finite correlation radius of dielectric-constant fluctuations for waves propagating in randomly-inhomogeneous media
10. Effect of boundaries in momentum space on energy and particle-number fluxes in a weak turbulence regime
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