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1. Certain Gamma Transitions in I128 and in Neodymium Isotopes
2. Soft Gamma Rays Emitted by Nuclei in the Capture of Thermal Neutrons
3. Excited States of Cs134
4. Gamma Quanta Emitted by I, Rh and Co Nuclei in Thermal Neutron Capture
5. Gamma Radiation from Radiative Capture of Thermal Neutrons by Mo95, Ag107, Te123, and Cs133 Nuclei
6. Energy Levels of the Rh104 Nucleus
7. A Study of Low-Lying Excited States in Mn56 and Ho166 by Measuring Cascade Quantum Coincidences
8. Measurement of γ-γ Coincidences in the Reaction Ag107 (n, γ) Ag108
9. Gamma-Ray Cascades in the Rh103( n, γ ) Rh104 Reaction
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